Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design.  That seems to be a popular catch phrase these days, but what does it really mean?

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In a nutshell, responsive web design takes the approach that the website design and presentation should respond to the user’s browser platform (PC, smart phone, tablet), determining how best to present the content based on the various screen sizes, screen orientation, etc.

This is accomplished through the use of flexible layouts and grids, the use of CSS media type queries, and the size and placement of content and images.  The website presentation should automatically adapt to whatever platform is viewing the content.  That way the user is presented with platform-specific content that fits their screen, and clearly presents the information.


You may not think about this while it’s happening, but you most certainly notice it when a website is NOT designed this way, and you try to view it on your smart phone.  It can get ugly.

We only build professional and responsive websites.  Because these days, you have to assume that a great deal of your users, and potential customers, are viewing your content on a mobile platform.  Gone are the days where you build a site just for Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Today there are hundreds of ways to view the web, and people want the same website experience, whether they’re viewing it at the office on their desktop PC, or at home on their iPad.  We know how to make that experience a pleasant one, with simplicity and easy navigation, and mobile interactivity and compatibility.

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So if your current website needs a facelift, of you’re just starting out, and want a new website that works the way your customers need it to, check out our responsive website gallery, submit a free website price quote request, or contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the details over the phone.

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